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“It takes a village….”  I don’t think any of us really know how true that is until we have children.  Before children, it was all about “you time.”  You wanted quiet moments with no one around in order to connect with yourself.  Then that sweet, adorable sticky baby comes into your life and BAM!  All of a sudden you’re screaming for your own mommy!

In September every year we have the opportunity to thank those very special people who are helping us keep our sanity through all the diaper changes, dinners, and after school activities.  GRANDPARENTS!  September 10th is Grandparents’ Day!  At Sing First! we have a special love for grandparents.  They are the incredible group of people who created our curriculum!  Dr. John Feierabend researched for years to put together the First Steps curriculum by speaking to older generations about the music they could recall from their childhood.  He found that, “citizens over 80 were able to offer a remarkably diverse repertoire.  When other(s) in the 60-80 year old bracket were asked the same questions, only some repertoire could be delivered.” (www.feierabendmusic.org) As he continued to speak to younger generations, their musical knowledge continued to shockingly dwindle!  Because of the older generation and Dr. Feierabend we now have this incredible collection of folk songs and movement games to share with generations to come.

As a thank you, we wanted to give you some tips on how to thank the wonderful grandparents in your children’s lives:

  • Homemade cards: What grandparent doesn’t love getting a glitter and noodle covered card with the words “I love you” dripping glue down the page?  But cards from your kiddos are not the only home cards you should send.  Get in on the action!  Make a card yourself; the time and effort you spend will mean so much to the grandparents in your life!
  • Ice cream party: “Sugar them up and send them home!”  Isn’t that what grandparents always say?  Well now it’s your turn to do the same to them.  Throw those loving grandparents an awesome ice cream party with all their favorite toppings!
  • Library snuggles:  Take your whole family to the library and pick out a great stack of books.  Take them home and have an afternoon filled with snuggles and story times.  Grandpa’s usually do the BEST character voices!
  • Favorite Dinner:  Make their favorite dinner.  Have your children help.  They could set the table, make fun decorations, peel potatoes, or provide dinner entertainment.  Just don’t let the grandparents help!  They are off duty!
  • Game night:  A game night is sure to get everyone smiling and laughing.  Let those grandparents teach your children some awesome card games or maybe even discover a brand new game together!
  • Sing First!:  Take them to your favorite music class so they can enjoy the fun!

As famous American author Alex Haley once said, “Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do.  Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children.”  So start sprinkling your own love and stardust on a Grandparent today!  Happy Grandparent’s Day!




Our sweet babies are so lucky to have our parents as wonderful grandparents!