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Our Classes

Sing First! classes are music and movement classes for children 0-7 and the people who love them to enjoy together!


Sing First! Classes for Infants and Toddlers

The goal of our Infant/Toddler class is to present appropriate musical experiences to eventually elicit natural beautiful responses that children may otherwise not had the chance to express.  Every child is BORN with the potential to be “beat-ful, artful, and tuneful” (Dr. Feierabend) Each class provides your child with opportunities to increase sensory awareness, develop language skills, and practice fine and gross motor skills.  It is our privilege to provide them these opportunities with safe, fun, exciting,  and educational exercises that stimulate them physically, emotionally, and socially!



Sing First! Classes for Preschool and Beyond


Our Preschool and Beyond classes use a “musical workout that grows tuneful, beat-ful and artful individuals.” (Dr. Feierabend)  Each class takes you and your child through eight super fun exercises to help inspire your child to move, feel, and sing along to music.  The exercises help to stimulate creativity and introduce basic social and emotional skills while increasing sensory awareness and developing language and motor skills!

Sing First! classes also give parents the tools they need to feel confident to continue the fun and education at home!

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