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I’ll be adding more links in the future! I’m thinking a books section, outdoor section, and a teacher section. 
If there is something else you want to see here reach out! 

Instruments/ Toys

Ocean Drums 

10″ Lollipop Drum
Mini Wooden Maracas Rattles
Ribbon Dancers with Wooden Handles

Mini- Tambourine 


Mouse Finger Puppet

Tunnel with Windows

Hopscotch Rings

Instrument Set

Jingle Bell Bracelets 


Frog Guiro

Egg Shakers

3 Piece Drum Set

Baby Drum Set

Kids Beginner Set 2-7 yrs. 

Awesome Reads for Kiddos

Push Dig Scoop

Teaching Supplies

My Favorite Clipboard

Laptop Bag

Maestro Classics 12 CD Collection

Tiny Humans T-shirt

Alphabet Shirt

Basic School Supply Pack

Movment Dice (Check out all 4!!)

Stretchy Band

Parachute (click for more sizes)


Lap desk (I couldn’t live without one!)

Flexible Seating or Waiting Room Seats

Wobble Stools

Movement Activities for the Classroom