Getting outside and playing is one of the best things about summer!


Playing outside is not just a fun-filled pastime; it is an important aspect of a child’s development and well-being. Now when screens dominate entertainment more than ever, the need to get outside cannot be stressed enough! Engaging in outdoor activities provides children with a myriad of benefits that contribute to their physical, mental, and emotional growth. Heading outside encourages more movement than most indoor play which in turn increases bone and muscle strength along with cardiovascular health. But it also nurtures the mind and soul by encouraging stronger brain function through creativity and natural stimulation of the senses. Below I’ve included a quick and easy game to get you and your little one outside today!


1. Lay out hoops or baskets or buckets and assign each one an instrument- example- piano, trumpet, violin

2. Give your little ones bean bags or balls

3. Play different pieces of music with the solo instruments you picked out. Encourage your little one to move their bodies to fit with the music they hear. (YouTube is great for this) Keep scrolling for some musical examples! 

4. When the music stops tell your little one to toss their bean bag in the bucket of the instrument they thought they heard. -You can even add pictures! Bonus- When you’re outside- add water to the buckets or turn the sprinkler on!


Repeat until everyone is exhausted and full of wonderful outside fun!

 Check out the items below help you get set up! And keep scrolling for the music examples!

Star Bean Bags

Musical Instrument Flashcards

Squish Balls for Water

Violin Solo

Piano Solo

Trumpet Solo